Project name:“Civil Dialogue for Development”

Description: The project is implemented by the Bulgarian Platform for International Development (BPID) where ARCI is a member  in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Bulgaria.

The overall objective of the action is to ensure strong understanding and commitment of the CSOs and the general audience towards EU role in 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals implementation for poverty eradication and sustainable development linked to the priorities of the Bulgarian presidency of EU. In particular focus will be the Sustainable Development Goals 3, 4, 5 and 16 in accordance to the specific expertise of the BPID members.

Financed by:  by the European Commission, Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development

The project beneficiaries include other civil society organizations, educators, academia, business structures, and media interested in development cooperation issues. This way is envisaged to be reached a large audience in order to improve the knowledge and understanding of the functioning of the EU related to development as well as the beneficial internal and external effects of the international development collaboration for the achievement of the 2030 Agenda and the sustainable development goals. The project will complement some of the planned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs activities related to the Presidency of the Council of EU and will strive to reinforce their impact and will ensure wider awareness.

Period for implementation: November 2017 – October 2018 (more…)


Project name: DEE – Diversity, Equality and inclusion in pre-primary education and care: a gender perspective

Funded by: The European Commission under Erasmus + programme, K2 Strategic Partnerships for school education

Implementation period: 02.11.2017 – 01.05.2020

The project is implemented by PROVINCIA AUTONOMA DI TRENTO in partnership with Alliance for regional and civil initiatives (ARCI), Bulgaria, University of Trento, (Università degli Studi di Trento), Italy, The Institute for Masculinity Studies and Gender Research (Verein für Männer- und Geschlechterthemen Steiermark), Austria, and Save the Child in Styria (Rettet-das-Kind-Steiermark), Austria. (more…)


През 2017 г. Сдружение „Алианс за регионални и граждански инициативи” (АРГИ) е вписано в Информационния регистър на одобрените програми за повишаване на квалификацията на педагогическите специалисти на МОН

Участието в нашите програми за обучения и квалификация на педагогически специалисти носи кредити за професионално израстване, за което издаваме удостоверения по Приложение № 14 към чл. 48, ал. 1, т. 1 за присъдени квалификационни кредити по Наредба 12 от 01.09.2016 г. Предлагаме обучения по повече от 50 теми. (more…)