(ARCI) is a non-governmental organization, registered in public benefit in the beginning of 2006. The headquarters is in city of Sofia, as it has established branches in five cities in Bulgaria – Haskovo, Blagoevgrad, Vidin, Silistra and Lovech. The association has a license No 200712450 from the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET) for organizing and conducting training for vocational qualifications for 31 professional branches in 56 specialties.

The association is a member of the National alliance for social responsibility (NASO) from 2009. More than 400 organisations – social services providers are members of NASO. NASO is part of the European Association of Service Providers for People with Disabilities (EASPD).

ARCI participates in the Bulgarian Platform for International Development (BPID), which is a network structure of NGOs working in the sphere of international cooperation development. 23 organizations working on issues related to development education, health, gender issues, environment and sustainability are members of BPID. Since 2010, BPID is a member of CONCORD - European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development. 18 international networks and 25 national associations in the EU Member States, representing more than 1600 European NGOs in the European institutions are members of CONCORD.


ARCI aims to support the development of the civil society in Bulgaria through fostering the involvement of people of all social groups in public affairs and the governance of the country in order to enhance the social and economic situation and the quality of life of the Bulgarian citizens.


  • Supports the development and implementation of initiatives for economic, social and cultural development of the regions in Bulgaria;
  • Promotes civil initiative by supporting, initiating and implementing actions for civil society involvement in the decision-making process of public institutions;
  • Organization of joint initiatives with bodies of the government and local authorities;
  • Enhances the social involvement of young people for the resolution of their specific problems and assists minority groups, people with disabilities and socially vulnerable groups;
  • Organizes and conducts trainings and seminars in order to increase the professional qualification of the labor force in the Center for Vocational Training to ARCI;
  • Initiates and participates in establishing partner networks with national and international organizations and NGOs;
  • Develops and implements programs and projects for application to the national operational programmes;


Sofia, Silistra, Blagoevgrad, Vidin, Lovech, Haskovo