The forms of training in Center for Vocational Training to ARCI are varied and tailored to workload of the students. When we form the groups, we hire comfortable, modern equipped facilities, with excellent location, when we implement the theoretical training. Separately, in order to support the acquisition of practical skills and experience, we sign agreements with companies in which the students are in a real, dynamic environment.

In the past few years the e-learning is becoming more popular so we offer courses in the field of services – restaurants, hotels, tourguide service. We are constantly working on expanding and diversifying the volume of courses applicable to a similar form of training.

This method is more effective than traditional methods and allows the trainees to be able to choose when, where and with what pace to learn.

Thanks to interactivity and the different types of content, e – learning helps increase the ability of concentration, perception and memory. Research shows that it helps people perceive up to 50% faster and permanently compared to all other conventional forms of training. This is because e-learning we study through seeing, making and listening

Regardless of the form of training, which you will choose you will have a full range of relevant training materials, and the opportunity for individual on-line and real, personal consultations. Our teachers are highly qualified experts, which guarantees excellent quality and efficiency of the learning process.

The certificate of professional qualification, which the Center for Vocational Training to ARCI issues to trainees successfully graduated the complete training course is recognized on EU territory as well as in third countries, which have signed bilateral agreements on recognition of education degree which Bulgaria.