Name of the project: Establishing Recognition Network, Contract No TR2011/0135.15-05/02

Period of implementation: 15.02.2016 г. – 15.12.2016 г.

Funded by: the European union through the Civil Society Dialogue Programme: Fourth Phase Grant Scheme

The project partners were 2 Non-governmental organisations: The Economic Research and Social Solidarity Foundation of the Balkan Immigrants (BISAV), Turkey in partnership with Alliance for Regional and Civil Initiatives (ARCI), Bulgaria.

Overall objectives:

  • O1 – “To make it easier for the learners to reach for the knowledge about the recognition of qualifications”
  • O2 – “To increase qualified employment”

Specific objective: Information and counselling offices about recognition of qualifications will be established in both Ankara and Sofia and at least 100 people will get counselling services and 400 people will be informed about recognition of professional qualifications between Bulgaria and Turkey.

Тhe project main stakeholders are (target group):

  • Students/workers educated in Bulgaria and/or Turkey
  • ARCI

Project final beneficiaries:

  • Employees
  • Employers
  • Families of students/workers educated in Bulgaria and/or Turkey

The project activities:

  1. Establishment of Project office and information offices in Ankara and Sofia;
  2. Employment of Staff: Project coordinator, programme expert, job counsellors and an Assistant will be employed;
  3. Preparation of Counselling Infrastructure:
  • Research;
  • Study visits;
  • Preparation of counselling kits;
  1. Counselling services to at least 100 people as total;
  2. Raising Awareness: Conference and seminars will be held in Bulgaria and Turkey
  3. Web site and social-media accounts will be prepared and published.

Achieved results:

Counselling services and information given about recognition of vocational qualifications between Bulgaria and Turkey and permanent establishment of  information and counselling offices in both Ankara and Sofia in order to raise awareness and make authorities’ and especially stakeholders’ willing mutual recognition of qualifications easier in each  country.