Project name: “Leadership and motivation – vocation or profession”,

2007CB16IPO007 – 2012 – 3 – 42

Period of implementation: 19.12.2013 – 18.12.2014

Funded by: Bulgaria-FYROM IPA Cross-border Programme, CCI Number: 2007CB16IPO007

The project partners were: Alliance for regional and civil initiatives (ARCI) – Blagoevgrad branch and Foundation for small and medium enterprises development – Kumanovo, FYROM

Overall objective:

“To support territorial cohesion, competitiveness and development sustainability by supporting the cooperation, cohesion among people and communities, improving quality of life and effective use of public resources.”

Specific objectives:

  • To increase knowledge, skills and professional competencies of managers in SMEs;
  • To create condition for incorporation and implementation of European standards for Human Resources Management;
  • To establish partnerships and to create active cooperation between the companies in the region;
  • To improve the internal corporate business environment.

Тhe project main stakeholders were: managers and HR specialists from SMEs in Kumanovo and Blagoevgrad, and employees of included SMEs.

The project started with еlaboration of “Analysis and Manual for incorporation of modern European standards for HR managements in the policy of SMEs in the cross-border region”. In the project context, the analysis aims to enhance the capacity of staff in senior positions for the design and implementation of policies for HR development and its effective management.

Emphasis of the project was conducting of specialized training (training academy) for managers and HR specialists in Kumanovo, FYROM and in Blagoevgrad, BULGARIA. Training ensured new competencies development and understanding of the managerial role for maximum productivity through skillful management of available resources. It also developed skills for designing useful tools to measure the value of human capital and implementing techniques for job performance appraisal. Graduates received certificates proving their knowledge. In addition, joint group trainings of the employees of the targeted SMEs in FYROM and in BULGARIA were conducted. As a result a greater efficiency in workflow and  more accurate decision making was achieved, job satisfaction and higher levels of motivation were achieved and the creativity of employees was stimulated. Consultant provided training materials, coffee breaks, lecturers, photographs and final reports on the progress.

The project activities included also conducting of a round table “Active cooperation – a guarantee of success” in FYROM and Cross-border Forum “Leadership and motivation – vocation or profession” in BULGARIA, aiming at establishing of a network for cooperation between the target group and the stakeholders from the region.

Achieved results:

Elaborated “Analysis and Manual for incorporation of modern European standards for Human resources management in the policy of SMEs in the cross-border region”

Conducted 2 specialized training (training academy) for managers and HR specialists: 1 in Kumanovo, FYROM and 1 in Blagoevgrad, BULGARIA

Conducted 20 joint group trainings: 10 in FYROM and 10 in BULGARIA

20 trained managers and HR specialists and 100 trained employees from both sides of the border.

Conducted round table in FYROM and Cross – border forum “Leadership and motivation – vocation and profession” in Bulgaria.

Elaborated memorandum for cooperation