Project title: “The World from our Doorstep”

Period of implementation: 30.01.2013- 30.01.2016

Funded by: the European commissionthrough the programme “Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development”(Raising public awareness of development issues and promotingDevelopment education in the Еuropean Union and acceding countries)

The project partners are 4 Non-governmental organisations: Cumbria Development Education Centre, united Kingdom in partnership with Alliance for Regional and Civil Initiatives (ARCI), Bulgaria, Future Worlds Center (legal reg. Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute), Cyprus and Institute of Global Responsibility (IGO), Poland

Overall objective: is to raise the awareness and change the attitudes of young children towards development issues and ensure they can take action to support sustainable ways of living.

Specific objective is to support pre-school and infant teachers to incorporate development issues about food, trade and sustainable development into their activities with children in order to:

  • develop the use of outdoor learning to introduce development issues to young children;
  • make links with food producers, rural craftspeople and artisans to help make the project themes relevant and real to children;
  • share expertise between partner organisations to increase their capacity to support the target groups in this work.

Тhe project main stakeholders are (target group):

Pre-school practitioners and infant school teachers in the partner countries (directly 200; indirectly 2000);

Children aged 3-8 in the partner countries (directly approx 3000) and their parents (indirectly approx 3000)

Food producers, rural craftspeople and artisans in partner countries, sub-Saharan Africa (Ethiopia) and St Lucia (approx. 50);

Other education practitioners, development education NGOs and education policy-makers in the partner countries (approx 100).

The project activities:

  1. Development of World from our Doorstep storybooks and training manuals;
  2. Focused work with children alongside food producers and craftspeople;
  3. Practitioner development including teacher training and support for preschools in working towards Fairtrade Awards;
  4. Parent engagement including workshops & activities for parents;
  5. Rolling out of training workshops and conferences for wide constituency of teachers.

Achieved results:

  1. Awareness and confidence raised among pre-school and infant practitioners, so that sustainable development and fairtrade issues are increasingly integrated into their activities with children, with a focus on learning through stories and using the outdoor classroom.
  2. Young children and their parents and families are committed to taking action in support of development goals that relate to the project themes:
  3. North/South linkages improved to inform understanding in the EU about contexts of development in Sub Saharan Africa and the Caribbean
  4. Visibility, communication and dissemination of the project’s work, outputs and achievements has taken place at European level:
  5. Building partners’ capacity through exchanges of experiences and best practices.

Project indicators:

350 pre-school / infant practitioners from 200 infant and preschool teachers in each partner country will make changes in their teaching;

2000 others will be using World from our Doorstep materials and approaches;

3000 children aged 3-8 and (indirectly) 2000 family members will have greater understanding and sympathy for the project themes and concerns;

50 food producers and craftspeople will have shared their experiences with teachers and children, to support learning on the key concepts of food and sustainable development;

100 other education practitioners, development education NGOs and policy-makers in the partner countries will have taken part in training and support in relation to the World from our Doorstep approach and will be competent to use this approach in their work.

Partners in 4 EU countries will have shared areas of expertise with one another, in relation to educational methodologies, development education approaches and engaging with the target groups.

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