Project name: Through training and continuity – for better integration of third-country nationals in Bulgarian society

Period of implementation: 05.01.2015 – 30.06.2015

Funded by: European fund for integration of citizens of third countries, CCI BG EIF 2013/01-03.04

Leading organization: Association “ARCI”

Overall objective: To enhance the socio – economic activity and create conditions for the integration of third country immigrants residing in the territory of Sofia Municipality.

Specific objectives:

  • To increase awareness of immigrants from third countries regarding procedures for integration and to improve their professional employment adaptability;
  • To facilitate the process of initial adaptation of immigrants to the linguistic, cultural and social environment of the country of residence;
  • To increase satisfaction of third countries nationals.

Target group: 48 third-country nationals (immigrants)

Main project activities:

  1. Project organization and management
  2. Publicity and visualization
  3. Selection of participants in the trainings
  4. Conducting of training in Bulgarian language of foreigners
  5. Conducting of special training

 Achieved results:

  • 48 trained persons (third-country nationals);
  • 48 issued certificates to graduates;
  • 1 conducted training in Bulgarian language;
  • 1 conducted special training;
  • Improved knowledge of third –country nationals in Bulgarian language, traditions, culture and civil society;
  • Increased awareness of third –country nationals regarding integration procedures and improving their professional employment adaptability;
  • Increase satisfaction of third countries nationals.
  • Elaborated publicity and visualization materials: 1 banner, 1 board, 2 press releases, 2 e-media reportages; 1000 leaflets.
  • Final press conference- 1