Name of the project: “Different Cultures Common Values”, Project No ALF/CFP/2015/EDU/91

Period of implementation: 01.09.2016 – 31.08.2017

Funded by: Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Dialogue between Cultures (ALF)

The project partners are 4 Non-governmental organisations: The lead partner is Alliance for Regional and Civil Initiatives (ARCI), Bulgaria. The organization implements the project in partnership with Future Worlds Center (FWC), Cyprus; Tunisian Association for Cultural Action (ATAC), Tunisia; The Economic Research and Social Solidarity Foundation of the Balkan Immigrants (BISAV), Turkey.

Overall objective:

  • To encourage intercultural awareness and mutual understanding among the young people of the Euro-Med region, so that they have respect to the culture specifics and to exchange common values.



Name of the project: Establishing Recognition Network, Contract No TR2011/0135.15-05/02

Period of implementation: 15.02.2016 г. – 15.12.2016 г.

Funded by: the European union through the Civil Society Dialogue Programme: Fourth Phase Grant Scheme

The project partners were 2 Non-governmental organisations: The Economic Research and Social Solidarity Foundation of the Balkan Immigrants (BISAV), Turkey in partnership with Alliance for Regional and Civil Initiatives (ARCI), Bulgaria.

Overall objectives:

  • O1 – “To make it easier for the learners to reach for the knowledge about the recognition of qualifications”
  • O2 – “To increase qualified employment”



Project title: “Let us learn, let us get involved! Motivation, training and inclusion of inactive youth on the labour market”, Contract No BG05M9OP001-1.002-0065

Period of implementation: 19.04.2016 – 18.04.2017

Funded by: Operational programme „Human resources development“ 2014-2020, scheme “Active” BG05M9OP001-1.002. The procedure is implemented with the financial support of the Youth Employment Initiative and the European Social Fund..

Project partners „Alliance for regional and civil initiatives (ARCI)”, Silistra Municipality and “Stroyproekt” OOD.

Overall objective: Activation and inclusion in employment of youth up to 29 years old from municipality of Silistra, who are willing to develop  personally and professionally. (more…)


Project title: “The World from our Doorstep”

Period of implementation: 30.01.2013- 30.01.2016

Funded by: the European commissionthrough the programme “Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development”(Raising public awareness of development issues and promotingDevelopment education in the Еuropean Union and acceding countries)

The project partners are 4 Non-governmental organisations: Cumbria Development Education Centre, united Kingdom in partnership with Alliance for Regional and Civil Initiatives (ARCI), Bulgaria, Future Worlds Center (legal reg. Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute), Cyprus and Institute of Global Responsibility (IGO), Poland (more…)


Project name: “IBIS – Internet Business Information System (Business information network integrated with Database Internet Platform)”, 2007CB16IPO008 – 2013 – 3 – 065

The Project’s overall objective:

“To boost the competitiveness and sustainable economic development of the cross border region and to achieve maximum social and economic cohesion between the border territories developing an Internet Business Information System /IBIS/.”


Project name: Through training and continuity – for better integration of third-country nationals in Bulgarian society

Period of implementation: 05.01.2015 – 30.06.2015

Funded by: European fund for integration of citizens of third countries, CCI BG EIF 2013/01-03.04

Leading organization: Association “ARCI”

Overall objective: To enhance the socio – economic activity and create conditions for the integration of third country immigrants residing in the territory of Sofia Municipality. (more…)


Project name: “Bridging the Gaps: Integrated cross – border business infrastructure and services in Silistra District – Calarasi County”, 2(4i)-3.1-8, MIS-ETC code 564

Overall objective: To reinforce the conditions for cross-border business cooperation and encourage entrepreneurship in Silistra District – Calarasi County through construction and Integration of cross-border business infrastructure and services.

Specific objectives:

  1. Improving and integrating cross-border business infrastructure by setting up a Logistics Center for Entrepreneurship Development in Silistra to partner and compliment the functioning of Calarasi Business Center;
  2. Upgrading and integrating BG-RO business information and service systems in order to enhance joint opportunities for entrepreneurship initiatives;
  3. Encouraging networking and professional business-service provision by the center teams and the regional economic and social stakeholders


Project name: “Introducing of new forms for intercultural education in “Zdravets” Kindergarten, Ihtiman”

Period of implementation: 30.09.2014 – 30.06.2015

Funded by: Center for Educational Integration of Children and students from ethnic minorities

Lead partner: “Zdravets” Kindergarten, Ihtiman, Partner: Association “ARCI”

The general objective of the project aims at inclusion in the educational system and active work with children from ethnic minorities through ensuring of access to quality education in varied multicultural environment.

The implementation of project activities will support the process of integration of children from the Roma minority and the preservation and development of their cultural identity and to transform the ethno-cultural diversity in a source for joint respect and acquaintance. (more…)


Project name: “Leadership and motivation – vocation or profession”,

2007CB16IPO007 – 2012 – 3 – 42

Period of implementation: 19.12.2013 – 18.12.2014

Funded by: Bulgaria-FYROM IPA Cross-border Programme, CCI Number: 2007CB16IPO007

The project partners were: Alliance for regional and civil initiatives (ARCI) – Blagoevgrad branch and Foundation for small and medium enterprises development – Kumanovo, FYROM

Overall objective:

“To support territorial cohesion, competitiveness and development sustainability by supporting the cooperation, cohesion among people and communities, improving quality of life and effective use of public resources.” (more…)

6_Cultural heritage


Project name: “Cultural heritage – asset for cross border cohesion and prosperity”, 2007CB16IPO008 – 2011 – 2 – 022;

Specific project objectives are:

Strengthening the cross-border cooperation through establishment of new joint cultural products and services in the Haskovo-Kirklareli region;

Establishment of information network for development and promotion of common cultural heritage;

Valorisation of cultural resources through ICT usage.